• The blood donation process takes about an hour – start to finish. The process where we collect the blood takes between 10 – 15 minutes. Here is a video for donors to view this video
  • Please review the eligibility information online AND take the eligibility quiz
  • Nurses are available 24/7 to answer any confidential questions about your eligibility to donate at 1-888-2-DONATE (1-888-236-6283)
  • Please remember to bring Government issued ID to your appointment, and make sure to eat and hydrate yourself at least 1.5 hours before you donate!

Updates due to COVID-19:

Canadian Blood Services has implemented a Wellness Checkpoint at the entrance to our fixed donor sites and mobile donation events.

Individuals will be asked to read the questionnaire on a large poster prior to approaching the wellness checkpoint.
If the individual answers “YES” to any of the questions, they will be advised that they are unable to enter our sites and will be encouraged to return when they can answer “NO” to all of the questions.
If the individual answers “NO” to all of the questions and receives an acceptable temperature reading, they will be permitted to enter our sites for further screening.

If you are able to show up a few minutes early for your appointments, that should be sufficient to allow for the checkpoint questions.

We are following social distancing guidelines.

To help protect everyone who enters our doors:

Face masks have become a mandatory requirement while within our donor centres. You are welcome to bring your own mask, including homemade masks, or you can request one from our staff. Donors are not permitted to wear masks with valves or gaiter/buff-style masks in Canadian Blood Services sites. We are doing so with an abundance of caution to continue to protect the health and safety of our teams, volunteers and donors. This decision is aligned with recent guidance from public health, consistent with our requirements for our employees, reduces the possibility of contamination, and allows us to better assess impact of cases of individuals who test positive for COVID-19 who have been in our sites.

We kindly ask that you do not remove your mask at any time during the donation process. To support our decision to implement mandatory masks for donors, we will be introducing a new system in our refreshment areas. To limit the risk of spreading the virus, donors will be asked to sit for five minutes in the refreshment area with their masks on after their donation to rest and to allow collections staff to monitor their wellbeing. After their rest period, donors will be encouraged to grab a snack and refreshment to consume after they leave the donor centre. If a donor chooses not to spend time in the recovery area they would be offered a snack and refreshment to go.

We’ve suspended pre-donation salty snacks. We encourage you to eat something salty prior to your appointment and drink 500 mL of water. This helps your blood volume and improves your donation experience.

You will be asked to clean or sanitize your hands and maintain a two-metre distance from one another.

Additional COVID-19 information:

  • Individual and group cancellations can have a dramatic impact on patients in Canada who continue to need blood products to treat cancers, trauma, and many surgeries.
  • If your group needs to cancel, please let your group know that they can book an individual donation appointment near their home.
  • Current evidence indicates COVID-19 is not transmitted by blood or blood products.
  • It is safe to donate. Your donation can help save a life.
  • To ensure we can continue to meet the needs of Canadian patients, we need everyone who is eligible and healthy to continue to book and honour their appointments to donate blood.
  • The need is constant for blood, stem cells, plasma and organ and tissue donors.
  • Make blood donation an exception if you’re limiting interactions in response to COVID-19.

Our donation sites are places of wellness. Only healthy people are eligible to donate blood.
As we would for flu symptoms or other illnesses, we ask donors to stay at home if they are not feeling well, since only healthy people are eligible to donate blood.

We have robust cleaning and infection-control practices and strict screening measures in place to ensure the safety of donors, staff and volunteers.
Canadians rely on us to keep the blood system safe and we take this responsibility very seriously.

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